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We bring together a wide variety of craft spirits and beers for importers, distributors, and retailers of all sizes. We offer all kinds of logistics and cargo consolidation alternatives that allow a straightforward process. Discover here new favorite trends.

About us

BlocoBev is a legally licensed distributor company in Illinois with operations in Chicago, home to the most breweries in the U.S. It was founded in 2019 by Rodrigo Cid, who has worked for more than eight years in international business. During the last years, he has represented South American wines in the United States and commercialized American equipment for the alcohol industry in Latin America.


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American Emerging and Unique Brands

We offer a unique selection of American emerging brands in two categories: Craft spirits and craft beers

Focus on Latam

We understand the diversity, complexity, and the potential of the Latin American businesses. We are the first company with a focus in this region.

Cargo Consolidation

We can make products more accessible and affordable by delivering consolidate orders per category. Discover the benefits of working with us.

Solutions for Exporters

You already are in a highly competitive market and it is extremely challenging. We provide logistic solutions and new sales channel through the diversity of cultures and regulations in Latin America. This is the moment to showcase your product.

Solution for Importers

We are your hotspot to a diversity of high-quality and emerging alcoholic products “Made in USA”.

Industry Equipment for your Projects

Through the company BlocoFoods LLC, we already export and connect Latin American companies with high-quality US manufacturers for distilling or brewing projects

Shipping Support

International shipping could be overwhelming. BlocoBev has a network of logistics partners to avoid a headache and to offer a streamlined process. If you feel comfortable using your own logistics services, we can also make it work for your company.


Navigate through unique US brands. In the catalog, you can see our selected products and introductory info that allow you to initiate the process easily. Contact us for in deep details: Prices, MOQs, relevant information for marketing purposes, and more!